Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I was inspired by a contest for embarrassing and funny holiday stories. So I will try to post one story everyday or at least every week. Here's my first one.

Two Christmas' ago my niece was sitting on my lap and noticed one of our craft ornaments we made about ten years ago. It was a glass ornament filled with popped popcorn. They are really cute. I took it off the tree and showed it to her. As I held it I noticed that it was filled on the bottom with half dead maggots. I jumped up and threw it away screaming eww the whole time.

Now at this time my older sister was pregnant with her third child. When she's pregnant she is very prone to vomiting from gross things or smells. Well my family asks me what's going on and I explain about the maggots. My sister starts dry heaving and saying "stop stop" So, my brother starts saying "Calm down, calm down, it's okay. It's okay. Maggots!"

So, my sister jumps up and runs to the restroom and commences vomiting. All the while my brother is giggling demoniacally while my mother scolds him and his wife slaps him upside the head.

Well, later on my sister's husband shows up after his shift at work and we decide to tell him about the maggots and vomiting. My sister says it's fine to tell the story even though my mother protests. My brother in law makes a comment involving the popcorn and licking butter off the popcorn bag as my brother likes to do. Well, this combined with the maggots totally grosses my sister out, which was his intention.

She jumps up, vomiting and goes like ten feet out of her way to hit him on the way to the bathroom. As her husband laughs and claims how he's in so much trouble my sister calls from the bathroom "Get me some new underwear you jerk! I threw up so hard I peed on myself!"

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I need goals dammit! I need to write them down, or type them in this case. Okay here goes.

By January 1st 2010 I want to
Finish my short film Wasted
Have entered Wasted into at least three festivals
Own my own editing system including:
A proper computer for editing
The Adobe CSSuite
A small camcorder for capturing
A color calibrated moniter
A dvd/VHS capturing system

I want to be certified in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, the entire Adobe arsenal, and Final Cut Pro
I want my degree in Film an Video from OCCC
Possibly to be working on a four year in something related to film at OSU
If possible pay off OSU but pay off UCO first

Quit smoking
Weigh 135 pounds
Quit Dr. Pepper
Have at least 500$ in the bank
Have a bank account
Have started my own business with business cards and a website
Finish my reel
To begin another script

I will check these off as I achieve them.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I just entered online sweepstakes for about 7 hours. Is that sick?

This is an awesome christmas sweepstakes

Under the Tree 240x240

They are giving away a ton of awesome stuff. Go check it out.


I need to start writing again.

Even if it's just a blog I need to start writing again. I'm so devoid of inspiation and lately very materialistic. I'm so focused on wanting stuff, needing stuff, and just plain old stuff. It's not healthy. So I'm going to try writing again on a blog and see what that does for me. And this time I'll write about real things, like jobs and family and friends. No more parties and drinking and random boy encounters for me so I can't really write about them anyway. Now I mostly stay home and play games and occasionally have a glass of wine, Angeline Pinot Noir being the current favorite. At any rate I'm sure I'll write another blog soon. But for now I'm off to enter many sweepstakes...I wonder if there are any wine sweepstakes out there...