Sunday, November 16, 2008


I need goals dammit! I need to write them down, or type them in this case. Okay here goes.

By January 1st 2010 I want to
Finish my short film Wasted
Have entered Wasted into at least three festivals
Own my own editing system including:
A proper computer for editing
The Adobe CSSuite
A small camcorder for capturing
A color calibrated moniter
A dvd/VHS capturing system

I want to be certified in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, the entire Adobe arsenal, and Final Cut Pro
I want my degree in Film an Video from OCCC
Possibly to be working on a four year in something related to film at OSU
If possible pay off OSU but pay off UCO first

Quit smoking
Weigh 135 pounds
Quit Dr. Pepper
Have at least 500$ in the bank
Have a bank account
Have started my own business with business cards and a website
Finish my reel
To begin another script

I will check these off as I achieve them.

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